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The Kelman Family Vineyard is located in Nelas, in the heart of the Dão region. It is in the city square that the Dão wine festival happens in September of each year. Nelas also hosts a Centre of Viniculture Studies of the Dão, famous for the longevity of its wines.

The vineyard has 6 hectares that were planted in year 2000 with traditional grape varieties of which Touriga Nacional accounts for about 50%. More recently 1,5 hectares of old vines were incorporated to the Estate. The mean altitude is 430 meters. Gentle slope and sandy soil (decomposed granite) provide a good drainage. Rainfall is 900 mm/year, concentrated in the winter.  Temperature ranges from freezing point in winter to 30 Celsius or more during summertime. The diurnal temperature amplitude is high (days may be warm, but nights are always cool). This provides ideal conditions for a gradual ripening of the grape, and the freshness of the wines.

From the vineyard it is possible to distinguish the Caramulo mountain range and the village of Vilar Seco. The vineyard is 20 km from Viseu, 90km from Coimbra, 120km from Porto and 280km from Lisbon. Access can be made by car or railroad (Lisbon to Nelas itinerary). 

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