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My name is Juliana Kelman. I have Brazilian and Portuguese citizenship. My paternal grandparents left Portugal to try life in Brazil in the 1940s and I started producing wines in Portugal in 2013.

I would like to share my vision of Dão: a region with excellent wines and a lot of history. A beautiful place, with friendly people who still sing on vintage days, as so many generations have done.


My orientation has always been to respect the character of Dão and embrace its long tradition of producing some of the best nectars in Portugal from local varieties, such as Touriga Nacional and Encruzado. My inspiration is to take these Portuguese jewels to the whole world. I combine intelligent ancestral practices, which even today bring quality to wines, with modern oenological knowledge. The result is authentic, high quality, elegant and gastronomic wines.


Each year represents a new journey, with joys and surprises. I invite you to accompany me on this trip. Cheers!

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